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Worst Public Bathrooms in the Capital Region?
I am not completely qualified to determine where the worst public bathroom in the Capital Region is because I am afraid of them so I only go into the ones that I know but I still refuse to go number 2 because there is no place like home.
Stewart’s Has the Best Bags
Is it just me, or does Stewart's have the best bags? Under my sink, I have many bags: bags from Walmart, Hannaford, Price Chopper, Target, and Smoker's Choice -- not one of them can compare to the durability of a Stewart's bag.
Best Sitcom Theme Song? [Video]
Dave and I have come to the conclusion that they don't make theme songs to Sitcoms like they used to, but now I am conflicted about what Sitcom had the best theme song.
Go Vote GWAR Now! wants you to vote on who is the 'Best Live Band' and GWAR is up against KISS for 'Best Live Act.' There are more categories and more bands to vote for, but I think you should go vote for GWAR!
Top 10 Sketch Comedy Shows
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they are going over a list of the Best SNL cast members of all time, from Rolling Stone. Although I am a huge fan of SNL cast members of the past, I was never too impressed with SNL and I think that the show has suffered since the cast of the early 90's …
Top 10 Metal Riffs
Today on Free Beer & Hot Wings Kyle played a best of segment where the guys go down the list of "Best Guitar Riffs of All Time." Which is a very debatable topic, so I went to YouTube to find more of what people consider to be the "Best Riffs of all Time" and found some metal …

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