Wenches, Maitees, Planks and Booze- The Q103 Pirate Cruise [PHOTOS]
Over the weekend Q103 teamed up with Dutch Apple Cruises in Albany to bring you our first ever Pirate Cruise and it was a sold-out success! DJ's Rob Dawes and Dalton were present, as well as Q-Tease Jen, Nikki, Ashley and Katelyn. Music was provided by Johnstown-based cover band Hygeer, who rocked the boat all night as it sailed up and down the Hudson river. Check out all the photos after the jump
Talk Like A Pirate On The Q103 Pirate Cruise
Ahoy matey's!!! The Q103 Pirate Cruise will take place along the Hudson River on Friday night August 3rd from 7p-10p! Are ye cited?... thar's plenty ah tickets to be had.  Since this is the first time Q103 will raise the Jolly Roger aboard the Dutch Apple Cruise Ship, we thought some pirate chatter is what ye be after.  There is a whole pirate language to use on your lazy excuse of a crew, so st