Capital Region Roadside Attractions!
Who needs to travel across the country when you can travel across the Capital Region for roadside attractions!  It's about the time of year where winter needs to end, I start to go stir crazy, and I start to get wanderlust wishing I was traveling somewhere away from the remaining snow, mud, fog, and rain...
New York State Collected Millions of Dollars from This?!
According to News 10 abc, New York State collected over $100 million from unclaimed bottle and can deposits in 2016.  Here I am happy with maybe getting $5.00 from can deposits, but no way ever would I imagine this sum of money from bottle deposits...
Budweiser Changing Bottle Design This Summer
Budweiser 'The King Of Beers' changed the design of their cans last summer. This year is the bottles turn.  For a limited time the bottles and cans are getting a red, white and blue patriotic look  while helping military families wounded or killed in action.  What do you think of the new design?