Cocaine, Cash, and More Seized Near Capital District School
Talk about a bust.
A reported $4,000 in cash, cocaine, pot, and steroids were seized near a Capital District school according to the Times Union.  The contraband was found near the Schuylerville school campus, and on top of the $4000 included about two pounds of marijuana, high grade cocain…
Get Some Free Cash For Your Thanksgiving Meal
Thanksgiving meals get expensive.
Anyone who has cooked, or shopped, for a Thanksgiving knows.  The food all adds up.  The outcome is delicious, but really add up:

a whole turkey
cranberry jelly
sweet potatoes

And so on and so on...
New York Lands in Top 5 for States with Credit Card Debt
My wallet hurts even reading about this!  I'd be hard pressed to find anyone I know who doesn't understand credit card debt.  Credit cards are like the gift that keeps giving- except with the gifts you also get increased debt. You use it, you pay some off, you use it, you pay som…

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