Cocaine, Cash, and More Seized Near Capital District School
Talk about a bust.
A reported $4,000 in cash, cocaine, pot, and steroids were seized near a Capital District school according to the Times Union.  The contraband was found near the Schuylerville school campus, and on top of the $4000 included about two pounds of marijuana, high grade cocain…
Get Some Free Cash For Your Thanksgiving Meal
Thanksgiving meals get expensive.
Anyone who has cooked, or shopped, for a Thanksgiving knows.  The food all adds up.  The outcome is delicious, but really add up:

a whole turkey
cranberry jelly
sweet potatoes

And so on and so on...
New York Lands in Top 5 for States with Credit Card Debt
My wallet hurts even reading about this!  I'd be hard pressed to find anyone I know who doesn't understand credit card debt.  Credit cards are like the gift that keeps giving- except with the gifts you also get increased debt. You use it, you pay some off, you use it, you pay som…
New York State Collected Millions of Dollars from This?!
According to News 10 abc, New York State collected over $100 million from unclaimed bottle and can deposits in 2016.  Here I am happy with maybe getting $5.00 from can deposits, but no way ever would I imagine this sum of money from bottle deposits...

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