Guessing Cell Phone Pass Codes: Would We Get Yours?
A recent study revealed that most people still use the basic combination of 123456 as their password online. So it should come as no surprise that some either use the basic combinations of 0000, 4321 or don't have a pass code for their cellphone.
Kill Switch App
New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will be sending letters to the nation's leading wireless providers to approve a new anti-theft app.
Nomophobia – Most of Us Fear Not Have Our Cellphone
You may have experienced fear or anxiety when you can't find your phone at your home and no is there with you to call it for you - or the dreaded "phone on silent" so you won't hear it ring anyways. These scenarios can cause a lot of stress on someone.
Well you are not alone and you might h…
The Cellphone Turns 40
Hard to believe the Cellphone turns 40 this week. Remember when there was a day we had to use a pay phone to make a call while out and about? Remember pagers? It's not that long ago but it sure seems like it.
Would You Take Part In Sexting? [Poll]
The other night I was watching the show 'What Would You Do' on ABC.  One of the topics they covered had to do with pressuring people into 'sexting'.  That got me thinking, who would take part in that?
Law Enforces Stricter Penalty for Cellphone Users
Using your cellphone while driving has always been frowned upon in New York.  I'll admit even I am guilty of this every now and then, but I do try to avoid chatting on my phone because it is a stupid ticket that I could avoid down the road (literally)...