Worst Parents Ever?
Go-Pro video has emerged of a Texas dad-to-be speeding down the highway, at 95 mph with his wife in labor. I'm going to catch a ton of flack for this, but, this guy is an idiot. They're both idiots.
Free Beer & Hot Wings: Remember to Lock Up Your Guns! [Video]
Kids have great imaginations. They can make use out of pretty much anything if helps them have fun. After all, kids may throw a present you got them aside just to play with the box that the present came in. But this public-service announcement (PSA) shows that kids may be able to get their hands on the wrong things to use for their enjoyment, even things used for pleasure, ladies.
Advice For Single Parents: Summer Visit
So, the little guy will be here in a few days. Yeah, he's staying for the summer and I'm pretty stoked, yet really nervous. And it's not like this is new, he was up last summer. The reason for my nerves?
Hot Summer
As a parent, stories like these both infuriate and sadden leaving me asking the most basic of questions. How do you forget your kid in your car, then go work a full day?

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