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The ‘Child’s Play’ Creator Has a ‘Chucky vs. Freddy’ Pitch
As long as there have been horror movies, there have been attempts to mix together horror movie characters in crossover films. Who can forget Freddy vs. Jason, the critically reviled  —  but financially successful  —  2003 film that pitted the stars of the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises against each other? Not to mention those years where it was rumored that Evil Dead’s Ash might get thrown into the mix for a sequel; no matter how many middling reboots these franchises go through, there will always be someone who pitches a project where Hollywood just slams ’em all up together.
School Disciplines Kids For Imaginary Sword Fight – Have We Gone Too Far?
I understand the growing concern over weapons in schools and violence altogether with children but for the love of God we have gone too politically correct on this issue. A school in Oregon disciplined two 7-year-old boys over an imaginary sword fight - IMAGINARY! The boys were acting out something from the mid-evil times and the school threw up a red flag.