Free Advice Friday
Costumes are getting banned not only in the Capital Region but across the country so on this weeks Free Advice Friday we say be what you want for Halloween.
The clowns are everywhere! Find out what you should do should you come across one in the Capital Region in this weeks Free Advice Friday.
What’s With All The Clowns?
Ok, I get it. It is Halloween season. Despite all hallows eve being a month away all across the US clowns are popping up everywhere. I want to know why?
The Clowns Are Here [Video]
I tried to warn you all a week ago, I said that it's only a matter of time before the Creepy Clowns start showing up around the Capital Region and no one listened to me and now they're here.
The Creepy Clowns [Video]
Is it just me or is anyone else getting bugged out by the 'Creepy Clown' sightings happening in America? There have been 'Creepy Clown' sightings in: Wisconsin, Ohio, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and the number of sightings keep growing. They're coming out of the woods and abandoned houses with knives and chains.
Florida Loves Wrinkles (Video)
Florida continues to make America interesting, Florida gave America: Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, Jeb Bush, Randy Savage and now Wrinkles the Clown. I am not creeped out by Wrinkles, I think that he is a lovely clown, with a lovely voice, I think that he should be on "The Voice" or "America's Got Talent" or some other show, where people show off their talent...

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