Sly Foxes Live in Cohoes House & Stand Guard
It seems residents on a Cohoes street have new furry neighbors living in an abandoned house. The house has been vacant for some time with no one stirring until recently. They say that foxes have decided to call the property home with one neighbor, Ted Conlon even witnessed a fox near the windows and others laying in the sun on the roof.
Body Of 20-Year-Old Pulled From Hudson River
Imagine you're walking along the river banks of the Hudson and see something that looks like it could be a body. Usually, it turns out to be a loose article of clothing or a tree branch, but in this case, it was in fact the body of a deceased man.  Police responded to a call Wednesday afternoon from someone who claimed they saw the remains of a man in the Hudson River and shortly after, they recov
Madison’s Reaction During Hometown Idol Visit [VIDEO]
Tuesday our American Idol, Madison Vandenburg, came home to an amazing celebration as she is one of the final three to win the show. There was a pep rally at her high school and she put on a free concert at the Crossings. Her reaction to it all was priceless.
Cohoes’ VanDenburg One Step Closer To Wearing Idol Crown
The journey started months for Cohoes teen Madison VanDenburg. Along this American Idol trek, she remained consistent  humble and true to herself.  While the final chapter of this story has yet to be written, she's just a few pages away from closing the book on a remarkable run that has captivated the Capital Region while building a foundation for a career that has seemingly unlimited potential. T
Idol Judge’s ‘Hair-Flip’ Advice To VanDenburg Is Wrong
We had to get a few things off our chest when we spoke to Madison VanDenburg in a never-been-aired interview we did with her late Friday morning.  Tonight on American Idol, Madison VanDenburg will perform three songs and by the time the show is over at 10 pm, we'll know if she's a top 3 candidate or not.  We believe in our heart of hearts she will be, but Chrissy and I also felt that something nee

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