Actually Watching
We live in a world of entertainment overload. There's an overabundance of options to watch your favorite TV shows, Movies, etc. But with all these options at our finger tips, how much of it do we actually watch? How many of the 200 plus channels in our TV packages do we actually turn to?
Internet To Slow Down?
It's exactly what all internet users in the United States feared; the FCC has proposed to lift regulations on internet neutrality. Pretty much, your internet providing can slow down your Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services if those services don't pay the provider a nice fee.
Apple TV Coming To You?
Comcast, the leader in cable television in the United States, is still awaiting approval of their purchase of Time Warner Cable. This would give them a majority control of the cable landscape. With that in mind, it seems Comcast won't stop there as a rumored deal with Apple is in the works.