Woman’s Arms Eaten By a Pit bull
A Connecticut woman was found under a car in her driveway after a vicious attack by her  pit bull. The 65-year-old woman named Anne Murray was missing all of her one arm and from the elbow down on her other arm. Any remains of the arms have been not found.
Cable Outage Causes A Spike In 911 Calls
Parts of Connecticut lost cable after a power outage hit the cable provider. This prompt a few self centered crybabies to call 911. So much so that the police headed to Facebook to tell people that their cable problems is not an emergency nor a police matter.
Stripper Magician For Kids?
This is either completely harmless or a typo of the most offensive event ever to be put on a calendar. Recently I was in Milford, CT catching some beach action and eating chowder when I noticed this event posted above. The restaurant I was eating at had an events calendar and the date of July 30th caught my eye. I h...
Shame On You Connecticut, A House Cat Is Hardly A Zoo Animal!
In order to be a respectable zoo there needs to be some sort of separation between you and you’re local pet store. Bridgeport, CT you need to get your act together with this whole zoo thing. I was on the road this past weekend on my way to Southbury to compete for Northeast Wrestling when I decided to leave a little early to put in some quality zoo time...
Connecticut & MMA
Throughout my 3 and a half years with 104.5 "The Team," it has been well-documented both on-air and online my love for Mixed Martial Arts. I have guests on a fairly regular basis to talk about big news stories within the sport, preview big fights and even hit on some testy issues like marijuana usage and TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). On top of that, I have been a consistent pro
Wants $20 Back
Most of us have at least one crazy ex in our pasts, but not many of them randomly show up ten years after the break up, demanding twenty bucks.