New Ben & Jerry’s Cores (Video)
Just in time for Spring to ruin your diet, Ben & Jerry's have introduced 3 new Cores that you may not be able to resist.
I want to try Brownie Batter because I am a big fan of their Chocolate Fudge Brownie and I am always looking for a new favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor to sh…
News Story About Cow Sex Involves Jello [VIDEO]
By now you've heard about the two dudes out in Herkimer County who were caught, on videotape by the way, trying to get freaky with a cow, sex-tape style!? Blah! I feel like this story needs some spice to make it more attractive to the viewer. Sex-tapes are old news now-a-days anyways
Chevy Trucks
The Chevy Silverado in this Super Bowl ad has enough power to keep hauling heifers around the country until the cows come home, for a whole lot of lovin'.