Icicles look cool but they are very dangerous because they can fall on you, your car, or your dog. Or, they can get too heavy and rip chunks of your house off and the chunks can fall on you, your car, or your dog, but they still look cool.
Shark-Cat Chasing Baby Duck Will Destroy Our Country [VIDEO]
This might be old but it’s new to me. And now that it has been brought to my attention it’s up to me to point out that we have a serious issue on our hands. This little cat wearing a shark costume ridding a rumba chasing an adorable baby duck might be cute but it’s very dangerous. This ...
The Dangers Of The Internet–90’s Style
I love when something new comes around.  This clip from the early 90's about the dangers of the internet is hilarious.  I mean the internet is full of crazy things and a whole lot of creepers, but I think some of the warnings that they were preaching about early on may be a bit over dramatic.
Japan Nuclear Danger
Workers had to evacuate the Daiichi complex in Fukushima when a fire broke out yesterday and now there are dangerous levels of radiation in the air just 240 miles north of Tokyo.

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