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Thank You Seth Rogen & AMC!!!!
Seth Rogen and AMC have confirmed that there will be a TV series based on the comic book series "Preacher" and after almost 2 decades of waiting, it's about time.
Dear Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show
The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show will be in Albany on Friday for a live broadcast. I am very excited, however I have some complaints regarding some serious issues that they have discussed on the show.
Batman Vs Superman Trailer (Video)
They played it on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show and now I am posting it on Q103albany.com and our Facebook, although I really don't want to, because I read comics. That should explain this picture.
What DC Comics Movie?
In a world of recurring characters but no continuity, Warner Bros. Entertainment make movies based on characters from DC Comics, but never movies based on DC Comics. As a fan who has read over thousands of DC Comics I have lost faith in all of the new DC Comics movies.
Scarecrow, Roxy Rocket to Join DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series Line
This fall, DC Collectibles' Batman: The Animated Series line will continue to expand its roster of rogues with the additions of Roxy Rocket and Scarecrow. While Roxy has her own appeal, it's The New Adventures of Batman version of Scarecrow -- as the first deluxe figure of the collection -- that will by far give you way more nightmares. Based on his appearance in 'Never Fear', the Scarecrow is the first figure from the anticipated fifth wave of B:TAS figures. Though that episode is decent, it's no match for 'Over the Edge' (the one where Batgirl has a fevered dream about what'd happen if she died in the line of duty), which came just five episodes later. Still, the most important thing is the incredibly terrifying Scarecrow design that's being brought to life. The original Scarecrow design was brilliant, if a bit too Wizard of Oz, but this version... this is a Scarecrow you actually believed might inspire fear.
'The Flash'
'The Flash' took something of a breather this past week in order to prime for tonight's explosive "Plastique," but the newest trailer for the CW 'Arrow' spinoff picks up the pace double-time. Not only do we get new looks at the likes of DC's Girder, General Wade Eiling and a returning Clock King, but so too does an epic look at 'The Flash''s future tease a new name beyond the "Red Streak," and a deepening time travel mystery to the enigmatic Harrison Wells!
‘The Flash’ Gets Friend Zoned in New Clip Introducing Iris West
We've still a ways to go before 'Arrow' officially spins 'The Flash' off into his own CW series this fall, but in the meantime, we're getting to know a good deal of the supporting players populating Central City. Following the S.T.A.R. Labs team and Barry himself, meet Candice Batton's take on DC galpal Iris West, as Barry (Grant Gustin) gets sent to the phantom friend zone.
‘Arrow’ Season 3 Spoilers: New Flashback Characters, Villains, and a Certain Blue Beetle?
The second season of The CW's 'Arrow' ended on a tremendously strong note with finale installment "Unthinkable," though we were left with a number of questions as to how season 3 would play out, with Olivers of either timeline in such vastly different circumstance. Now, we've learned of at least few new flashback characters, as well as a present-day villain and a new superhero character that sound suspiciously like a DC comics favorite!
New CW ‘Flash’ Featurette: Barry Allen Discovers His Super-Speedy Powers
The Flash will be streaking across the big screen soon enough If certain recent rumors are to be believed, but The CW's 'Arrow' spinoff 'The Flash' will beat them all to the punch with a new series this fall. And while the most recent clip introducing the series gave us a look at the S.T.A.R. Labs team supporting Barry (Grant Gustin) the latest look at the CW's scarlet speedster series is all about the man himself.

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