Deadpool 2 and a Summer Vacation Movie Classic on the New MCMR
To rent, to download, or to actually spend money and go to the movies.... one of the many middle class questions. Because let’s face it- the movies are expensive!! Watch this week’s “Middle Class Movie Review” with Dan and Tatiana to see what’s worth seeing in theaters, what’s worth getting on rental, and a great ‘downloadable’ suggestion from Dan...
'Deadpool' Pics
The trailers for Deadpool have shown off the anti-superhero film’s anti-superhero sense of humor, some interesting supporting characters boasting some enhanced abilities, lots of violence, plenty of one-liners, and even a few glimpses of X-Men pal Colossus. And while we’ve seen a bit of Ed Skrein’s Ajax, we haven’t seen much of the fighting that goes on between the big bad and the Merc With a Mouth.