New Ben & Jerry’s Cores (Video)
Just in time for Spring to ruin your diet, Ben & Jerry's have introduced 3 new Cores that you may not be able to resist.
I want to try Brownie Batter because I am a big fan of their Chocolate Fudge Brownie and I am always looking for a new favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor to sh…
Lose Weight By Peeing Out Your Fat
Fast and easy weight loss has been the hot thing since the year 0001. Even Jesus knew it was important to look good, which explains them chiseled abs of his. However there is a new product called Aqualynx on the market that is as effective as liposuction without the whole suction part.
How Many Calories Are in a Handful of M&Ms?
With Halloween on Thursday, reminders to eat healthy  are popping up everywhere. By everywhere, I'm referring to YouTube. Thank you to the lady who spends three minutes of her life reminding us that a handful of M&M's will net us 250 calories. Yeah, thank you!
Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies
If you're like me, you wish you only had seasonal allergies. My whole life I've suffered from everyday allergies, all year around. I've been through medicines, shots and even surgery, and still I sneeze and sniffle everyday. It's a lot better and I can't complain, but I wish there was a cure for all…
Jonah Hill Loses It For New Role
No, not that! Humorous actor Jonah Hill will be making a big appearance in the new movie 21 Jump Street, which begins filming in April. However, before this Superbad and Grandma's Boy star could do any sort of "jumping," he needed to lose some weight, and boy did he succeed!

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