Louisiana Town Sinking
While there have been incidents with sinkholes swallowing a car or even a house, the unfortunate town of Bayou Corne in Louisiana is vanishing.
News Coverage of the Sinking of Titanic
100 years ago today, Titanic sank off the coast of Newfoundland after hitting an iceberg.  This was before technology like space travel, 24 hour television news coverage, satellites, and the internet.  How did people of 1912 get the news that Titanic sank?  It wasn't instantaneous like it is today - News was delayed, had wrong facts, newspaper offices posted bulletins and basically word of mouth. 
Best Thanksgiving Turkey Fryer Accidents
It wouldn't be thanksgiving without watching some people almost kill themselves by deep frying a turkey. I'm sure there is a right way to do this, but no one has seemed to master it yet. The best part is that thanks to YouTube we can watch idiot, after idiot almost destroy their homes all for some greasy goodness. I belie...