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Guy climbs through ventilation to rob pizza place.
How many times have we seen this in the movies and TV show? From Die Hard to Mission Impossible and even the latest season of Stranger Things (possible spoilers here). In the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix one of the characters has to climb through the duct work in the mall to defeat the Russian bad guys...
Order Pizza With Your Voice
In a move that makes you question logic and the eventual technology takeover of mankind, Domino's Pizza will soon launch an app that will allow you to order via your voice (you know, instead of actually talking to a human on the phone).
Domino’s Pizza Is Changing Their Name
Domino's Pizza is changing with the times and announced they are dropping the word Pizza from their name.  The stores are offering now much more that just pizza including pasta, salad, wings, chicken sandwiches, parmesan bread, sodas and chocolate lava cake plus they are ready to unleash a new idea called Pizza Theater.
Have You Been To Domino’s Lately?
Normally I try to avoid chain-brand pizza, but the latest Domino's ad has been on a lot the last couple days and after seeing if enough times on TV, I caved. The power of seeing food on television is amazing isn't it?