How To Rock and Save a Life
What can half an hour to an hour of your time do?  As a nurse, I can tell you.  I’ve run down hallways carrying bags of blood.  I’ve watched a woman bleeding out on an operation table clinging for life while surgeons saved her.  I’v…
Kid Rock Donates $100,000 To Organizations
This past weekend, the multi-genre singer Kid Rockdonated $100,000 to a number of credible organizations. He gathered five $10,000 grants and scattered them throughout organizations in Detroit, which is where Kid Rock, or Bob Ritchie hails from. He also donated $50,000 to the American Red Crossto he…
Support Japan – Purchase an Eastern Egg
Happy Easter to everyone! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you can pitch in to help Japan recover and rebuild. Eastern Eggs is a site that has collaborated with artists and the British Red Cross to seek help for Japan.
Prince’s Guitar Gets $100,000 For Charity
Finally some money is going toward a good cause! Recently, the infamous singer/performer Prince auctioned off one of his favorite guitars, with all proceeds going to charity. The legendary gold guitar sold for $100,000. The buyer: McClaren Formula One Racecar driver Lewis Hamilton.