drunk driving

Free Lyft Rides
Not only will the program be available throughout Upstate New York but they are also extending it for the week of Halloween!
Tougher DWI Laws
New York's Senate passed a new measure that would toughen the penalties for those who are convicted of multiple drunk driving charges. What are they and will they work though?
Drunk Guys Claim Dog Was Driving During Crash
You have to give it to drunk people; when it needed they can be rather creative. Not saying that creativeness is pure brilliance but at least they give it a shot.
Like these two drunk who told police their dog was driving when their minivan crashed.
Drunk Driver Plows Into Accident Scene Injuring Several [VIDEO]
Normally, drunk drivers create accident scenes, and in this case, this one did- kinda. Well, not kinda, more like- here's an accident scene, I'm drunk, might as well stop for it by ramming into it thus creating an accident scene on top of an accident scene. Confused? Let me break it down f…

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