drunk in public

Drunk Passenger Taped Down By Fellow Flyers
Public transportation. Doesn't matter if it's the city bus or a national/international flight, it's either the greatest place to people watch or an example of how sad humanity is. Ever have to deal with someone who was too drunk to fly? It's like dealing with a drunk, except in a more confined space…
Druck Man Rides Crocodile, Survives
Stupid is as drunk does I guess. An Australian man drunkenly attempts riding a crocodile - because you know, it seemed like the cool thing to do. Somehow, the guy survives to tell what might be the dumbest, yet craziest, drunken story ever.
Drunk Walks Wrong Way On Escalator – YouTube’s Finest
Drunk, unaware, and walking the wrong way on an escalator is no way to go through like, but it makes for a great YouTube video. "Thank you" to whomever caught this footage of a drunk business man repeatedly trying to walk the wrong direction on an escalator in a U.K. subway.