Free Advice Friday
The Albany St. Patrick's Day Parade is tomorrow so on this weeks Free Advice Friday we thought we would give you some tips on how not be to "That Guy" that everyone hates on parade day...
A Leprechaun In Schenectady (Video)
Saint Patrick's Day is long gone, the drinking has stopped for most of us and we are over our hangovers, all that we have now are memories like this video, that has the feel of a Woody Allen movie. Shamus McQ arrived at the station after 11 a...
What Not To Do On Saint Paddy’s Day (VIDEO)
Americans celebrate Saint Patrick's day by wearing green, drinking and insisting that for just one day out of the year, that everyone is Irish. In 2011 there was a little incident in Albany and that little incident is a prime example of what not to do in Albany on Saint Patrick's day, because there is nothing worse then a drunken riot, because the rioters don't know why they are rioting... Read Mo
The 4 I’s Of Drinking
It's best to post this today because most people start drinking early because the Saint Patrick's Day parade is on the weekend before the actual day, so I am giving you this helpful, free advice, right in the middle of all of it. The I's of drinking goes like this...

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