dumb criminal

All For A $20
I'd expect better of criminals in Albany but I guess I was wrong as one car thief attempted to bribe his victim of $20 to return his car.
Facebook Robber
Consider this the dumbest of the dumb criminals in the world, at least for this week.
A would-be robber tries to friend his victim on Facebook the day after the robbery.
Man Arrested With 106 Bags of Crack
Albany police were called to Legend's Bar on North Pearl Sunday night after a report of a man harassing a woman. The police would arrest the man in question not for that, but rather the large amount of drugs he had on him.
Drunk Guys Claim Dog Was Driving During Crash
You have to give it to drunk people; when it needed they can be rather creative. Not saying that creativeness is pure brilliance but at least they give it a shot.
Like these two drunk who told police their dog was driving when their minivan crashed.
Push Not Pull
A Chicago area thief had attempt robbery thwarted all thanks to him being dumber than the door.
A Stinky Find
This guy was so desperate to hide his allegedly stolen items from the cops that he inserted them all 21 items into his rectum, including a socket wrench.
LAzy Robber
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Stupid is as lazy does.
Miramar, Florida Police are on the lookout for a masked man who attempted to rob a Wendy's restaurant last week without ever leaving his car. Yes, as in he tried to hold the place up while sitting in his car at the …
Thief Steals Car Off Captain America 2 Set, Arrested
Some people in this world make you really think about the level of intelligence out there. One such example, in my old stomping grounds of Cleveland, OH sees a man that was arrested after being pulled over in a stolen car from the Captain America 2 movie set.

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