Cafe Madison New Location
Yes! If you ask me, you can't go wrong with more brunch options ... especially if those options come from one of the most highly regarded brunch spots in Albany!
The 12 Days Of Christmas, Day 6 (Video)
On the 6th day of Christmas, Q103 gave to me, 6 eggs, instead of "6 Geese A Laying," because if they hit me in the face with 6 geese, it would be messy, very messy. Just in case you silly folks, want to split hairs about it. 2 eggs were in the plate, that someone, so politely smashed into my face...
Easter Egg Hunts Are A Terrible Idea
Easter is right round the corner and what better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than hiding decorative eggs all around the house and yard. I've only participated in a handful of Easter egg hunts but that was enough for me to learn they are a BAD IDEA.
Death By Eggs
If this dude was only dared to eat these eggs and died then he’s a dummy. However, if he was double dog dared, then he had no choice and I feel sorry for him.

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