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Meat Carrot? Who wants one?
Universally, people know we're supposed to eat vegetables every day. But 90 percent of Americans don't eat the recommended amount. So we said if others can make meat out of vegetables, why can't we make vegetables out of meat?
A Month's Worth of Coffee for Only 5 Bucks at Burger King
Forget paying five dollars for a fancy coffee.  How about five dollars for a month's worth of coffee instead..
Burger King announced a new monthly prescription program for coffee.  Called the BK Cafe Subscription program, the program offers a set monthly billing price and a c…
Fast Food Restaurants We'd Like to See in the Capital District
Eating health is important, sure. But fast food tastes so good late at night, or after a concert when you're still amped up, when you're in a rush... really, any time.  And yeah, there's a lot of choices in the Capital Region.  But we do seem to be missing a couple good chai…

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