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Get Some Free Cash For Your Thanksgiving Meal
Thanksgiving meals get expensive.
Anyone who has cooked, or shopped, for a Thanksgiving knows.  The food all adds up.  The outcome is delicious, but really add up:

a whole turkey
cranberry jelly
sweet potatoes

And so on and so on...
Music Friday Songs for August 1
Each Friday, “The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show” replaces its regular “back-with” music with songs from our own music collections.
They can be anything, from corny mash-ups, rock, country, mid-Michigan '70s butt rock or anythin…
Draft Fest 2013
DRAFT FEST 2013 kicks off Thursday, April 25th and culminates with a huge party at Upstate Concert Hall on Saturday, April 27th. There will be loads of giveaways throughout each day's event along with Free Beer & Hot Wings being apart of the festivities starting April 26th.

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