Up to 200 GameStop Stores to Shut Their Doors
Another one bites the dust....maybe.
GameStop announced that 180 to 200 stores that are not performing up to par will be closing.  Now, in the Capital Region, we’ve got a few locations.  From Colonie Center to Troy to Rensselaer, there are a number of spots for the well-know…
GameStop announced it will be closing 120 of its stores, but also proved that it is definitely here to stay.
Tech Tuesday – GameStop Jumps on The Tablet Bandwagon
After Apple's iPad was released and how it was selling as well as changing things, other companies wanted in. So we started to see new tablets being developed. Samsung developed the Galaxy using the Android software, and HP gave us a WebOS tablet, which it then stopped selling soon after. But n…
Tech Tuesday – Gamestop Is In a Shopping Mood
Even casual gamers like me keep an eye on the gaming news simply because you never know when Duke Nukem Forever is going to FINALLY come out. But I also like to see when new and interesting online games, like my beloved Quake Live, hit the internet for all to play. Now it looks like game retailer Ga…