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Are Gas Prices Going Up In the Capital Region?
Over the years gas prices have gone up and down. When prices go up, even a little, we start to feel anxious. Well, brace yourselves it appears the price at the pump is on the rise once again. Here is how New York fills up compared to the region and rest of the nation, according to AAA, as of January…
Don’t Fill Up Yet – Gas Prices To Plummet
We all travel a ton in the summer and this year it may be a little bit cheaper to take that trip. If you can wait a little bit, don't fill up your gas tank just yet. Gas is going to get cheaper just in time for summer travel.
Gas Price Hike Coming
We've seen high gas prices over the last few years; the high ones and the lower ones that we make ourselves believe is a "deal". Well, be prepared - Gas prices are expected to see a sharp spike in the coming days.
Where is the Cheap Gas?
Tired of paying high gas prices? With the average price for a gallon of gas getting close to going over $4.00 a gallon, we are asking you to help us and our listeners find the cheap gas in the Capital Region. Throughout your travels around the area if you see cheap gas tell us and you could win $5…
How Do You Deal With High Gas Prices? [POLL]
Gas Prices are out of control again.  Analysts are saying to expect more than $4.00 a gallon very soon and $5.0o a gallon over the summer.  Rock-a-Holics take our poll on how you deal with high gas prices and earn points to win a $500 gas card!

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