'Godzilla' Trailer
Mechagodzilla, Biollante, King Ghidorah, Mothra and even Jet Jaguar appear in this cardboard building-crumbling trailer for Godzilla.
'Godzilla' Sequel
Hide your MUTOs, hide your buildings, 'cause 'Godzilla' is going to stomp again! Following a highly successful opening box office weekend, Warner Bros. and Legendary have confirmed that yes, the King of Monster will rise from his slumber to wreak havoc in 'Godzilla 2'.
With 'Godzilla' stomping into theaters next month, Legendary and Warner Bros. are helping us get better acquainted with director Gareth Edwards' vision for the monster via some interesting new featurettes that take you behind the scenes of this exciting new film. Where else are you go…
Godzilla Trailer
We've seen the teasers and trailers and TV spots, but today Warner Bros. and Legendary have blessed us with a special extended preview of 'Godzilla,' bigger and more intimidating than ever, and filled with more looks at the monster than we've seen before.
New 'Zilla Trailer
Following yesterday's debut of a new 'Godzilla' TV spot (and photos), Legendary has released yet another one, proving that the epic monster truly is unstoppable. The above spot features even more footage of Godzilla's insane and unbelievable path of destruction, and we simply can…

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