Modern Day Mister Magoo
I use my phone to get me out of all kinds of things, like having to know math or actually talking to people, but this dude in Connecticut has brought it to a whole new level.
This guy is just out driving one night, following the sound of a woman's voice, who happens to be giving him directions, …
Drunk Driving Woman Blames GPS For Her Whereabouts
If you have a GPS then you know it can sometimes be a nuisance and take you where you don't want to go. I, too have been a victim of this but the positives highly outweigh the negatives of the pocket-sized digital map. One woman took this excuse to the extreme when she claimed her GPS guided her rig…
New Bill Should Help Stop Texting And Driving
Now texting and driving could get you more than just a fine, it can get you points against your license too. And it will be easier for an officer to give you that ticket as well. Here’s something I didn’t know before,