Why Chips Are The Best Memorial Day Cookout Food
Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! It's a holiday (well, really a holiday weekend) honoring all those who so bravely fought for us and died while serving our country.  For that, there is not enough thanks or celebration.  However, with this holiday weekend every year comes par…
18 Signs You’re at an Awful Barbecue
Grilling outdoors might seem simple since it’s the way that sub-average intelligent cavemen cooked food for themselves for years, but they’re all dead now — probably because they didn’t know that undercooked meat can cause food poisoning.
How To Properly Light A Charcoal Grill [VIDEO]
As we hit the Summer holidays, everyone is breaking out their best grilling skills. Many use propane, but is that because you're afraid of charcoal? Maybe scared to admit that you don't know how it works? Well, will teach you the easy way to run and operate a charcoal grill.
BJ’s Favorite Things To BBQ
It's Memorial Day weekend which means most of you are planning some sort of backyard BBQ.  There are always so many option on what to grill up that it can be a tough decision.  Here are a few of my favorite things to grill up on a summer day to help your decision making a little easie…