One Common Grilling Item That’s Actually a Hazard
I never would’ve guessed of all the things involved with grilling that one common item would be a hazard!  But apparently, there’s some danger in grilling outside of just the charcoal and flames.  According to News 10 abc grilling brushes can be ha…
Why Chips Are The Best Memorial Day Cookout Food
Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! It's a holiday (well, really a holiday weekend) honoring all those who so bravely fought for us and died while serving our country.  For that, there is not enough thanks or celebration.  However, with this holiday weekend every year comes par…
Dan America’s Guide to Memorial Day Weekend (Video)
Memorial Day weekend is three days away, and some people have been preparing for this for a month. Some people have been preparing for this weekend, some for weeks, and some have just realized that Memorial Day is this weekend. I am here to help all three types of people for this three day weekend..…
Amazing Cookout
Memorial Day weekend, the "unofficial" kick-off to summer and the time to "officially" break out the grill and host a party for family or friends. But when you do, how can you ensure the meal and party is going to be great?

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