How Bad At Exercising Consistently Is New York State?
In the beginning of each year, the number one resolution is to 'lose weight/exercise more.' By February, most who made that resolution have given up on it. New York state is no different as a whole when it comes to exercising.
In fact, we've ranked in the Top 10 states that are bad abo…
Awesome Workout Or Horrible Fail? [VIDEO+POLL]
Who goes to the gym? I have to admit, I cannot answer with yes. In fact, my idea of exercise is walking to and from my car at a rapid rate of speed. Trust me, with man boobs like mine, I know I need to get in shape sooner rather than later.
China Has Been Pumping Saratoga Full Of Steroids
A Saratoga County dude was recently arrested with possessions of steroids with intent to sell. Anthony M. Crocetto Jr. of Ballston Lake was busted after ordering large amounts of steroids from china and keeping them and other drugs at his business in Glenville...
A Supermodel’s Workout
While genetics certainly play an important part in beautiful people being beautiful people, there is a lot of hard work that goes into it as well.  Case in point:  the video below is of professionally attractive person Erin Heatherton working out at Mushin MMA in Manhattan in anticipa…

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