Free Advice Friday
Flu season is in full swing especially around the Q studios. So on this weeks Free Advice Friday we thought we'd give you a couple of helpful tips on how to avoid catching the plague at work.
Are Fancy Health Drinks Actually Worth Buying?
I've been told Diet Coke will kill me, so before coming to the studio I stopped by Super Target to pick up a sandwich and some fancy health/energy drinks. I'm not really one to buy fancy drinks - I think froo froo Starbucks coffee drinks are a waste of money and many other drinks are popular mostly because they look aesthetically appealing...
Top 10 Healthiest Fast Foods
It’s tough enough to eat good even when you’re at home considering the time it takes to prepare a real meal. But it’s even tougher to find something when you’re out and about if trying to only put good stuff in your body. My girl Robin Meade (CNN Headline’s Morning Express) gave a list of the top 10 healthiest food choices when you’re on the road.
Five Tips For Living Longer
Remember the movie Final Destination where the main characters grouped together to try and cheat death? Well here are ways you can cheat your own death. When your time is up, it's up, but here are a few tips that can possibly make death look the other way.
Burning Calories Outside the Gym
With the sky rocketing prices of gym membership and aerobics classes, it's hard to keep the gym in your budget, especially when it comes to your general list of necessities. Today, Self Magazine listed 20 activities outside the gym that can help you burn 200 calories...
Keep Your Brain Sharp has put together a list of the top 10 things that you can do in order to keep your brain in tip top shape.