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COVID-19 Leaves Capital Region Seniors Struggling To Get Recruite
The transition from High School to college sports is never easy. In a normal year, only about 7% of kids who played football in high school end up playing in college. As we all know 2020 is anything but normal. So what happens in a year where the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down many high school athl…
The Smells Of My Youth
I played Football for Shaker, I am a finely-tuned ex-high school athlete and this time of the year reminds me of the smells I used to smell on the field, in the huddle and especially in the locker room, nothing brings back memories like blood, sweat, dirt and sometimes vomit.
Refuses to Punt
Coach Kevin Kelley of Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas, refuses to punt and by the end of this video, you'll be questioning traditional football calls, too.
Burnt Hills Issues Apology
It's been several days since the students at Burnt Hills chanted "Amster-ico" at the visiting Amsterdam team during a high school football game. Administrators from the high school have sent an apology email to Amsterdam in reference to the actions of the students.