More Good News Bad News (Video)
It's not 'Fake News', but sometimes I wish it were because in this week's installment of Good News Bad News, I talk about things that are happening in the world today that should not be.
The Albany Devils are moving to Binghamton.
The Albany Devils, the AHL affiliate of the New Jersey Devils are leaving Albany and no other AHL team has any plans to move to Albany anytime soon, although I think that this is terrible for Albany I find it amusing because I am a Detroit Red Wings fan.
Stanley Cup Playoffs Start Today (Video)
The quest for the cup starts today, it's the most intense time of the year on ice, there will be big hits, there will be fights and there will be blood!
Two out of the sixteen teams are from New York this year, and my favorite team the Detroit Red Wings are in the playoffs extending their post-seaso…
It’s Time For Hockey! (Videos)
It's time for: Face offs and slapshots, fights, penalty boxes and power plays, the NHL 2015-2016 season starts today.
The quest for the cup begins tonight, and I will say what I say every hockey season, as long as the Penguins don't win the cup, it will be a good season...
Hockey Player Pulling Tooth Out (Video)
It is the middle of the week, time to get over that hump. Here is something to help you do that, because after you see just how tough a hockey player is, you may think twice about complaining that it is only Wednesday.

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