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Holiday Music – Most People Think It’s Too Early For It
It's seems like Christmas is creeping in earlier and earlier every year. In some cases, you see Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween decorations and in extreme cases; holiday music weeks before Halloween. While stores are hoping to get you in the holiday mood this year and spend your money early, most of us aren't buying in to the 'early Christmas' theory.
Thanksgiving Day Shopping
As it has become custom now with major chain box stores across the country, Thanksgiving is no longer a time for employees to relax with their families while being thankful for what they have. No, it's all about the "consumer demand" and the need to open earlier and earlier every year to make that extra dollar. Case and point, this year is probably the worst to date.
TheFW’s Offbeat Holiday Gift Guide
Even though we're huge fans of Christmas, the holiday season can be super stressful at times. This is particularly true when it comes to buying presents. Most people are difficult to shop for, which puts tons of pressure on us to try and decode their present preference. Will our friend like that potpourri centerpiece we're re-gifting from grandma? Probably not. What about the awful Christmas sweat
Americans Shop While On The Toilet
As Black Friday and the holiday shopping season approachs, some will deal with the crowds while other will... shop from their porcelain thrown. A new study says more Americans are shopping from the toilet these days.