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Need A Job? Home Depot Hiring 375 Capital Region Residents Today
Know someone out of work and ready to put their handy-man (or woman) skills to work? The largest home improvement retailer in the United States is now hiring and a massive job recruitment search is underway.  Up to 375 Capital Region residents could land work at a job fair being held today at Home Depot.
Who's That Girl
So you might have seen the Office Depot 'Where Did You Get That?' commercial with girl with all of the cool gadgets. Pretty cute, right? But who is she?
Sticky Situation
Reason #53168435 to always put something down on a public toilet seat before you sit down to do your business - possible super glue on the seat. A Georgia woman had to call 911 after she realized she was literally stuck to the toilet seat at a Home Depot store.
Another Nor’easter
The big topic besides NFL playoffs or bitter cold temperatures is that another Nor'easter is on its way.