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This One Is For The Yogis (Video)
Last week I posted a blog about San Diego residents angry about yoga lessons taking place in a public park, and that upsets me because I like yoga pants. So I made this video to support the Yogis in San Diego, this one is for the Yogis.
Lip Syncing Girls are Back and Naked
Well, not much to describe here. Hot girls that are lip syncing this time dressing up in time period appropriate attire spanning from the 40's to now.. This is both hilarious and sexy, Enjoy!!!
Are These Cheerleaders Too Hot? (Video)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show They are talking about how The University of Oregon board member thinks that their Cheerleaders are dancing too suggestively. I am not going to show you what they said on the news about it, instead I am just going to let you be the judge.
10 Female Characters That Are Way Too Sexy For Comics
There is a joke that goes that comic fanboys only get to see a half-naked girl when they are reading comic books. Female comic book characters seem to always have a big chest, a booty only Sir Mix-A-Lot would love and a waist the size of a twist tie
The Coors Light Twins — Still Got It?
Beer commercials became tolerable to football fans with short attention spans when ad men realized that guys like blonds in skimpy clothes with perky breasts. The day our screens gave us a shot of the gorgeous Klimaszewski sisters, the ‘Coors Light Twins,’ we built an altar to …
Girl Makes Spaghetti Eating Damn Sexy [VIDEO]
Scarfing down a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs isn’t usually sexy, unless you happen to have a fetish for tomato sauce blotches.
However, the young lady in this video makes her spaghetti dinner out to be quite alluring, despite the fact that she is one sloppy…

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