Free Beer & Hot Wings: An Update On Woman Whose Three-Story Closet Was Robbed [Video]
A couple weeks ago, we talked about a woman, Theresa Roemer, whose three-story closet got robbed. Many people had been able to see this closet full of millions of dollars worth of handbags, furs and jewelry thanks to her hosting charity events and having the closet shown on television many times, KHOU TV reported. Like we said, it's pretty obvious that this closet would eventually become the tar
‘Fox & Friends’ Host Asks Little League Baseball Player Why She Doesn’t Play ‘Female-Friendly’ Sport [Video]
The other day, we posted about 13-year-old Mo'Ne Davis, who pitched a shutout in the Mid-Atlantic regional championship to send her Philadelphia team to the Little League Baseball World Series. She's got a fastball that reaches 70 miles per hour and left a bunch of batters standing there wondering what the heck just happened. It's a great story, because Davis is tearing down gender barriers by bei
Woman’s Three-Story Closet Robbed [Video]
If you have a closet that is large enough to host charity events in it and lots of people see it on a regular basis, you probably shouldn't be too surprised when said closet becomes the target of a robbery. And if your closet is three stories tall and houses millions of dollars worth of handbags, furs and jewelry and has been shown on television numerous times, you REALLY shouldn't be surprised. R
Watch These Morons Close Down a Busy Highway By Doing Donuts in Traffic
In this video, titled "Out here shuttin sh*t down," some Mustangs, a Camaro and 240SX do exactly what the video title promises and stop traffic on a busy California by doing donuts and acting like massive tools. Many would argue that posting this video is just promoting idiotic behavior but in this case we're posting in the hopes these douchelords get identified and charged with some typ