Toys-R-Us Manager Paid Hooker $31,000 a Week
This is one of the most entertaining stories I’ve heard in a long time! Not so much because some guy royally messed up both his personal and professional lives, but because of what the judge asked the prostitute at the hearing. Continue on to learn more.
A New Outlook for Egypt
A while back I posted about my concern for Egypt's well-being. Today, has marked an important day for the citizens of Egypt. Hosni  Mubarak has resigned as the President of Egypt. For almost three weeks, Egyptians have been involved a deadly protest...
Egypt Needs Help
Two years ago, today, I would have been in Egypt studying abroad as a Business and Creative Writing major. It would have been my final days in the country, just returning from Alexandria. At that moment in time, I would have been on an excruciating bus ride from the Mediterranean Sea, heading s…