How Many iPhone’s Does it Take to Stop a Bullet?
So we have recently this year marked the 8 year anniversary of the original iPhone. There have since been 12 versions released. If your one of those people who doesn't trade in their phone when they upgrade then you may be in luck. Your hands best friend (or maybe second, let your mind wander t…
iPhone 6 Mayhem at Crossgates Mall
Today is the day that tech users have been waiting for- the iPhone 6 is set to hit shelves and people are eager to get their hands on the newest version of the popular iPhone.
This is the case for many people in the Capital Region that flocked to Crossgates Mall to try and get one of the coveted phon…
Order Pizza With Your Voice
In a move that makes you question logic and the eventual technology takeover of mankind, Domino's Pizza will soon launch an app that will allow you to order via your voice (you know, instead of actually talking to a human on the phone).
Avoid Your Ex App
In a world of social media where everyone is sharing their every-waking moment with friends, it was only a matter of time before you could use that to avoid them.
If you have an ex you don't want to run in to or a group of people you'd rather not see while out bar hoping, there's a new…

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