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Justin Bieber- Aspen’s Crush of the Night
It finally happend I caught the Bieber fever!! I don't know if it was from when I heard the singer from Filter talking about the Biebs getting alil sexy or him beating up a photographer but that's why tonight he's my crush( it's alittle scary).
News Anchor Wants To Get A Hummer From Justin Bieber [VIDEO]
Apparently Justin Bieber is giving out hummers.  The cars you perverts, not that other thing.  Well this news anchor was jealous that Justin Bieber was handing out hummers to others while he was left high and dry.  So he reveals to his co-anchor that he would in fact like a hummer from Justin Bieber.  The Rolling Stones said it best, you can't always get what you want, but at least he asked. Read
Has Bieber Gone Metal?
It’s the perfect gift idea for your favorite hardcore Justin Bieber fan. Just think, for only $22.00 you could make dozens or even hundreds of smile everyday that you or your gift recipient wears this shirt.
New Ozzy Bieber Commercial During Oscars
Remember the Ozzy Osbourne, Justin Bieber Best Buy Commercial that aired during the Superbowl?  It was one of the most talked about ads.  See it again Sunday night during the Oscars but with a different ending.
Pop Songs With Dramatic Twist
This is one of my favorite things to see.  When some of our favorite actors take one of those catchy pop songs and give it a dramatic read, simply awesome.
James Earl Jones Reads a Bieber Song
Most people remember James Earl Jones from either Star Wars but I always think of Bell Atlantic. He's still alive and still has that amazing voice which he used the other day on a talk show to read a random Justin Bieber lyric. This video is rapidly becoming viral!
Ozzy And Bieber In Superbowl Ad
A few months ago, when Ozzy was asked he replied "Who the F*** is Justin Bieber"?  Superbowl Sunday they will know each other very well.

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