Cuomo Faces Lawsuit To Bring Back Amateur Hockey In New York
The New York State Amateur Hockey Association has begun legal action against Governor Andrew Cuomo in an attempt to resume hockey in New York State. The board of directors for NYSAHA have retained legal counsel and posted a letter on their website stating their intentions to obtain a court ruling that will allow the resumption of hockey in New York State.
A Lawsuit Over Beer. (Video)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played a clip about a man in San Diego, CA who is suing MillerCoors over Blue Moon being advertised as a craft beer, then they spent an hour talking about lawsuits.
McDonald's In Hot Water
Wait - are we in 1992 all over again? A women is suing McDonald's over hot water she was given that burned her claiming customers are unaware of the 'unique harm' when employees serve the item.

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