You Have A Chance To Be the Albany Empire Mascot
It might be your time to shine- if you’re all about being a mascot.
Seriously, being a mascot is awesome (just think of how much less exciting games are without them).  And well, our very own arena football team, the Albany Empire, have posted a search for a mascot via their …
The Top Five Rock Mascots
Whether it's intentional or unintentional, sometimes a rock band develops a mascot that sticks with them throughout their entire career. The fans seem to love it and they become just as beloved as the band members themselves. So who has the greatest band mascot of all time? Af...
Kid In Banana Suit Attacks Gorilla Mascot [VIDEO]
This certainly isn't the way nature intended it.
A teenager who may or may not still be wearing a banana suit is at large after an unprovoked assault on the gorilla mascot that a Verizon Wireless Center in Strongsville, Ohio employs to promote its store.
Baseball Teams Mascot Mishap
There is nothing that says sporting event like a crazy mascot.  Some are very memorable, while others we would really like to forget as soon as possible.