mila kunis

Iowa State Football Fans Must Think Ashton Kutcher Stinks
You had better be careful what you drop on social media about your personal hygiene, especially if you are a high profile actor, who is married to a high profile actress. According to an article by New York Daily News entertainment writer Karu F. Daniels, former 70's Show actors Ashton Kutcher…
Mila Kunis
You are not prepared for the most hottest Ukrainian bombshell on the planet that isn't locked away in Chernobyl.
‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ Review
"I don't want to be a good man; I want to be a great one." So says Oscar, a humble (read: crummy) magician in a traveling circus circa 1905, just before a magical tornado sweeps him and his hot air balloon away to a land that just so happens to share his nickname: Oz. In 'Oz the Great and …
Sexiest Woman Alive
It's official - Ashton Kutcher is one lucky SOB.  Kutcher's girlfriend, Mila Kunis, has just been named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine.

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