Moose Attacks Snowmobiler [VIDEO]
After watching this video I have determined that these people 100% deserved to get attacked by this moose. These two snowmobilers are displaying all the classic signs of potential moose attack bait.
Dalton Has A Spontaneous Moose Fight
Don’t you hate when you’re traveling to Maine and then you catch the stink eye from a no good jerk faced moose? Yeah I come across this problem a lot. This past weekend I decided to take a stand against a bully of a moose and stand up for all mankind...
Moose Spotted in Latham
If you were in the Latham area over the weekend, there's a good chance you may have seen the reported moose that was wandering around.
Sarah Palin Pulls A Sprewell
Sarah Palin is the outdoorsy type and loves to hunt but recently she said it was necessary to "feed her family".  You'll roll over laughing when you hear how much her hunting trips end up costing.