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Nicolas Cage’s 10 Most Nicolas Cage-y Moments
With 'Joe' about to hit theaters, audiences will soon get a reminder of just how good Cage can be. But let's celebrate his long-awaited return to excellence by combing through his filmography and picking the moments that best define his special brand of craziness. Anyone can be good, but only Nicolas Cage can be Nicolas Cage.
Expendables 3
The 'Expendables' franchise is built entirely on the idea that watching a whole bunch of movie stars (from former legends to C-listers) kill a whole bunch of people will make for a good time at the movies. Franchise star and chief creative voice Sylvester Stallone has promised that 'The Expendables 3' will up the ante in every way and the news that Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage and Mill
Superman Comic Book Sells For Over Two Million Dollars [VIDEO]
Superman crushes the competition once again -  this time, in an auction house.  Remember reading comic books as a kid?  I'm sure you dropped your allowance on a Batman #497 back in 1993 when Bane broke his back. Maybe you tucked away The Incredible Hulk #181 when Wolverine first appeared, thinking, "this will fetch some loot in the future!"  These reads are indeed worth some dough, but t