This 5 On 1 Fight Seems Fair: ‘World Star’ [VIDEO]
First off, turn the volume all the way down. "World Star" will be screamed over and over and over again. Ugh. Meanwhile, two meatheads are gearing up to scrap shirts off with a bunch of pushing and shoving. Frankly, they probably would have tired out and called it quits. But nooooo.
Get Spanked In Albany
With McDonald's filming commercials in Albany and a bison goring a dude, a professional spanker 'accepting applications' seems like natural progression for our thriving city, no!?
Local & Strange
A 34 year-old man who suffered an abdomen wound after being gored by a bison at a local buffalo farm was released from Albany Medical Center. Can you say lucky!? While it's sad this happened the warning signs were there all along.
Swearing Can Help Deal With Pain
Smash your finger or stub your toe lately?  You probably most likey yelled a few expletives, felt better and moved on.  Researchers have found out that yelling a few swear words can actually lessen upexpected pains.