Mrozek’s Super Bowl Prediction On NBC Tonight
Yes, I know the Packers will make every attempt to defend their title. Yes, I know the Philadelphia Eagles have already been dubbed as the ‘Dream team’. But I really like what I saw with Jason Garrett as head coach last year.
Super Bowl XLVI Odds [VIDEO]
Now that the NFL is in full swing and the regular season right around the corner, ol' Monte took at look at this year's odds for each team to win Super Bowl XLVI.  After all of the off-season moves that teams like the Patriots and Eagles have made, seeing them at the top is no surprise, however, the early season favorites haven't panned out in recent years.  The odds just may surprise you! Read Mo
Packers Prevail–Super Bowl Recap
In a game where momentum seemed to swing like a pendulum, the Green Bay Packers come away with a big win.  Some other big moments also caught Americas attention on "Super Sunday".
Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow
Alright, you know what it is.  Everything I do, I do it big. It's black and yellow tonight vs. green and yellow.  Of course there was a green and yellow parody made from Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow song; but who's actually going to win it all?  Deh Deh Deh
Guru Picks The Winner for the Big Game
I'm by no means a football guru. When it comes to stats and picking a team, I defer to others with way more knowledge then me. recently I have found someone that has a proven record in picking the winning side. And he's a simple manager at a grocery store. Here's a video of his pick. I'll be laying money down on this one!
Packers Fan Fired For Wearing Tie
A Chicago based car sales man was given a bit of ultimatum when he came to work on Monday wearing his Green Bay Packers neck tie.  Take it off, or lose your job. He left it on.
Teams Set For Super Bowl XLV
It was a very exciting championship weekend in the NFL.  Nail biters in both the NFC and AFC but the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are packing their bags for Dallas.

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